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Having problems making sense out of an auction photo? Image compression like that automatically applied by eBay and other image hosts can severely darken the detail of a photo. For some objects such as dark clothing or black electronic equipment, the result can be a meaningless blob on your screen and the problem can be even worse if your monitor is older or loosing briteness.

Fortunately, it is possible to enhance such photos by manipulating a factor known as 'Gamma Correction.' That is what this tool does. It retrieves an existing image from the web and applies gamma correction at the level you specify.

If you know the URL of the image you wish to enhance, copy it to the form above. For eBay auctions, you may just enter the auction number to view the main (eBay hosted) image. If you wish to see additional (eBay hosted) photos from a group, enlarge the images then right click to get the URL. To keep a copy of the corrected image, right-click and save to your local machine.